Peg Sites 2019: As of Aug 24,2019

Peg sites are subject to change!

Light House Point.jpg

Light House Point Ogdensburg Pegs 1-2

Tiki Bar.jpg

Tiki Bar Ogdensburg Pegs 3


Customs Ogdensburg Pegs 4-5

Franklin ST.jpg

Franklin St Pegs 6-8

Wheat House Bay.jpg

Wheat house Bay Ogdensburg Pegs 9-10

Babbits Pegs.jpg

Babbits Pegs 11-12

Dam Pegs.jpg

Dam Pegs 13-16

Leishman Point.jpg

Leishmans Point Waddington Pegs 17-18

River Road Peg.jpg

River Road Peg Peg 19 Waddington

Whittaker Park.jpg

Whittaker Park Waddington Pegs 20-21

Sucker Brook Waddington.jpg

Sucker Brook Waddington Pegs 22-23

Brandy Brook Waddington.jpg

Brandy Brook Waddington Pegs 24-25