2023 Event Rules

New for 2023 All Teams must pay $600 in cash at the Peg Draw


Our 2023 Grand Marshal. Rita Brown

1. All Anglers Must Be CAG Members, $600 per team must be paid in "CASH" at the Peg Draw any team that No Shows will be banned from future event

2: Peg Draw held on Sep14, 2023 at 11:00 AM. Each team draws two pegs and has 30 seconds to pick one. (Peg Draw at Bob’s House. Located at 668 Ruddy Rd, Chase Mills, NY, 13621)

3: Teams may pre-bait up to 5 gallons of any legal chum at 12:00 PM on Sept14, 2023 You may use Spods, blasters or spoons (NO SONAR or DRONES) You may plum for pre-baiting.

4: No camping or fishing pegs sites until Sept14, 2023. Teams can report to pegs at 12:00 PM. All pegs off limits to fish, one week prior to the event.

5: Fishing starts Sept 14,2023 at 2:00 PM. Teams may check water depths (plum) at the Peg review starting at 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Anglers may also plum after 12:00 PM at their peg site. No fishing lines in until 2:00 PM, Fishing ends Sept17, 2023 at 11 :00 AM.

6: Each angler may use up to 3 rods, with one hook per rod.

7: Anglers may use Spod rods. (No drones) (no bait boats allowed) (no boats allow period)

8: Anglers will cast into their peg areas. (Marked by right and left lines)

9: Fish may be sacked for marshals, only live fish will be counted into the 6 Pack, Fish must weigh at least 20 LBS. to count into the 6 pack, Fish must be released unharmed.

10: Marshals will be treated with respect and their call is final.

11: The Grand Marshal will oversee the event and make all final calls on all rule disputes.

12: Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Big fish (weight) In case of a tie the big fish in each 6 Pack will be used until the tie is broken.

13: Teams must have 6 fish in their six pack. (Five) 30 LBS fish would not beat (Six) 20 LBS. (fish)

14: NO OPEN FIRES! All fires must be off the ground in approved grills.

15: Runners may not handle any fishing rods that are in the water or use any method to place bait or chum into the water. Runners may net fish and they may make bait on the bank side.

16: 2023 Anyone parking in a restricted area after the unloading period will be penalized 15 LBS from their total weight. This includes guest to your peg sites!



Rita Brown 2022 Grand Marshal